The Five Bite Diet - Day 3 - Down Another 1.2 lbs

Can you eat tamales, shrimp and blue cheese and still lose weight?

Heck yes you can!

It's day three following Dr Lewis's 5 Bite Diet, as outlined in his book,Why Wait Around?

This is the day where my hungerstat is apparently going to be set to eating this small portion of food. I've been reading the book for 5 minutes each day to keep me motivated, and I must admit, I'm loving this!

I have always had the idea that eating small portions that of healthy normal food with some treats thrown in was the best way to lose weight. I literally CAN'T STAND calorie counting. It is so tiresome to me.

My plan is to follow eating this way until I lose the 10-15 pounds I want, and then sticking with a bite count that keeps me around my goal weight. I'm finding that for me, knowing that I get to eat what I want, just smaller portions of it, its so freeing.

Here is today's lowdown:

Breakfast: Coffee with cream and sugar for breakfast and a multi-vitamin.

Lunch: Five bites - Tamales

Dinner: Five bites - Tossed green salad with avocados, shrimp and blue cheese

Sparkling Grapefruit Seltzer water

Water to drink throughout the day.


Starting point 0.0 lbs lost

Day 1 0.4lbs lost Total lost 0.4 lbs

Day 2 1.2 lbs lost Total lost 1.6lbs

Day 3 1.2 lbs lost Total lost 2.8 lbs

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