The Five Bite Diet - Day 2

Eggs are what is for brunch

So, It's day two. Exactly 48 hours since I started this thing called the five bite diet, and I'm down another 1.2 lbs. In his book, Why Wait Around, Dr Lewis talks about how it takes 3 days for your hungerstat to be reset. The hungerstat is what controls how hungry you feel. If we always have our hungerstat set to 60 bites, that is what is going to take to fill you up. The premise is that if you dial your hungerstat way down, to 5 bites like someone who has had gastric by-pass surgery, the weight will come flying off.

Surprisingly enough, I did not feel at all hungry today. It was easy to keep on going. I felt super motivated and excited. It is only day 2 though. However for me not having to count calories is a huge thing. Counting calories becomes so restricted for me, and requires so much math!

I cook a lot at home, so having to add up all the ingredients in a home made recipe, and divide it into portions becomes tiresome. This is so easy. I simply eat my normal foods but when I'm up to my five bites, I'm done. Five bites isn't stuffing your mouth. One bite is approximately one tablespoon. You should be able to chew easily, and swallow once. One bite. Here is today's lowdown:

Breakfast: Coffee with cream and sugar for breakfast and a multi-vitamin.

Lunch: Five bites - egg, sunny side up, over half a slice of toast.

Dinner: Five bites - 2 bites of vegetable medley and 3 bites of my homemade fish cakes.

Sparkling Lime Seltzer water

Water to drink throughout the day.


Starting point 0.0 lbs lost

Day 1 0.4lbs lost Total lost 0.4 lbs

Day 2 1.2 lbs lost Total lost 1.6lbs

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