The Five Bite Diet - Starting day and Day One Progress!

Updated: Apr 15

A couple of years ago, I picked up a book called 'Why Wait Around' by Dr Alwin Lewis. It intrigued me because, he talked about counting your bites, rather than counting calories. I had never heard of this concept before, and wanted to try it out.

The whole premise is that each one of us have a 'hungerstat,' which tells our brains when our stomach is full.

Most of us eat way too much, and our stomach is so stretched out that it can accomdadate vast quantities of food.

After someone has had gastric by-pass surgery where they literally cut out part of your stomach, your stomach is apparently left about the size of an egg!

The whole premise of this diet is to eat like you have had gastric by-pass surgery without actually going through the surgery.

I decided with all that was going on in this world during this time with the Corona Virus and being quarantined, now would be the perfect time to give this diet a whirl.

Now to be fair, I am not following it strictly. I am allowing myself to have my morning coffee with cream and sugar as opposed to black coffee that Dr Lewis recommends. Also, I am allowing myself to have one other drink that does have calories in it.

Anyway, Each day, I will share my progress with you!

On my STARTING day I had...

Breakfast - Coffee with cream and sugar for breakfast and a multi-vitamin.

Lunch - Five bites

Dinner - Five bites and a glass of sparkling wine

Water to drink throughout the day

Here are my results:

Starting point 0.0 lbs lost

Day 1 0.04lbs lost

Check out my video on YouTube below! Thanks for watching!

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